War with Syria …?

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War with Syria …?
Excerpt from ‘FutureQuest; If War is the Answer, how Stupid is the Question?’
Unfortunately too many members and advisors of the world’s departments of defence are people trained for war, encumbered with spurious techn…o-strategic rationality (269 p. 54). They would perceive world events in terms of threat-levels toward war through their sensory processors, and not recognise any initiative opportunities for peace.   Do they really want to remain forever on standby? What if they want to apply their warrior skills – just once? If a nation is serious about their defence, they will also have members and advisors qualified in the science of peace – which is quite evidently not the case.   For a prototype solution; if just a tenth of a nation’s defence budget were diverted toward establishing and maintaining friendship relationships with other nations, much of the other ninety percent may eventually become unnecessary. Peace is a defence issue and is entirely achievable. But virtually no funds are allocated toward building international relationships. All defence budgets are for war.
Looking at the state of world security from this viewpoint, it seems that all nations’ defence ministers and advisors are incompetent in setting up and maintaining peace. They should therefore be fired and replaced with qualified peace-builders, or at least with potato sacks with faces on them.
We must motivate and pressure our national leaders to set up positive, peace-building strategies within our defence ministries and defence budgets. These must comprise dedicated, laterally-thinking staff and advisors who are formally qualified in the science of peace. Until we have a more representative form of democracy, we must set up democratic parties and candidates with peace and future-focused philosophies. Unfortunately our current ‘green’ parties are encumbered with far too many radical agendas to qualify for this role.   Defence and war are not merely political, ideological or moral issues. They are subject to strong business pressure by financial interests behind political facades (270). The quality of our future, and whether we will actually have one, depends upon how well we get these detrimental influences under democratic control.
Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 5139-5155).
269. Cohn, Carol. Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defense Intellectuals. [ed.] Linda Rennie Forcey. Peace: Meanings, Politics, Strategies. New York: Praeger, 1989.
270. MarketWatch, Inc. Trump: We Should Take Libya’s Oil. Market Watch (video interview). [Online] 19 Apr 2011. [Cited: 23 Oct 2011.] http://www.marketwatch.com/video/asset/trump-we-should-take-libya-oil/7E12BC15-38AE-465F-949A-CDB65ED6DC75#!7E12BC15-38AE-465F-949A-CDB65ED6DC75

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