Quote from ‘FutureQuest’: ‘Everything

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Quote from ‘FutureQuest’:

‘Everything you do is a step toward an awesome future or away from it toward extinction. In fact, everything anyone on earth does has those attributes. You can set our FutureQuest dream as a reference point for all you do – the magnetic north for your personal compass – your anchor to which your life-rope is tied. With this fixed reference point you can easily qualify everything you do, as a step toward the dream or away from it toward the nightmare of extinction. As soon as you have set this reference point your whole perspective changes. You just don’t take steps away from the dream. Your rope will only let you take steps toward your anchor.

‘This book is the rope, and the dream of an awesome future is your anchor. Our FutureQuest requires a broad mindset: We must expand our sense of identity to be world-encompassing, until we consider everything we do from a globally inclusive, us-worldview. We are all in this together.

‘As we apply and promote this whole-world perspective, increasingly more people will join in and think this way. We then identify with the iniquities in various parts of the world as events happening to us, not just to some poor, unfortunate others. Then we can generate empathy and internal motivation to do something tangible about them. Together we take only those steps that lead to a better future because otherwise we would soon extinguish mankind. From this point of view the global situation is not as hopeless as it seems. Many people already have similar ideas but there are just not enough connections to coordinate them. FutureQuest makes those connections.

‘We are laying the foundation for our great future at a far deeper level than anyone has done so far, consolidating ground that has only been touched lightly in the past. We are also extending its breadth considerably, shaking down and exposing structural weaknesses in areas considered sound up to now. We thereby challenge the elitist power structures commonly associated with such ideals.’

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 303-318).



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