Quote from ‘FutureQuest; Managing Confl

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Quote from ‘FutureQuest; Managing Conflict’
‘People will always find things over which to disagree, with conflicts arising from all levels of human interaction. In the extreme, some people may deny, challenge or discount your very right to exist and given the chance, just snuff out your life. Others may maliciously try to make life difficult for you. If you react in kind, you would be just like them, and will set back the world’s status of wellbeing – regardless of whether you started the conflict or not. If enough people react like that then humanity would be turning toward self destruction. The remedy is always in conciliation and in looking for mutually acceptable solutions.
‘In malicious cases, where conciliation does not seem likely, the best immediate solution may simply be avoidance. Leave the situation for a while. Build a temporary cofferdam, at least until some common ground can be found on which to negotiate with the hope of progress.
‘Conciliation is one critical area in which mankind must learn to excel in order to survive. Up to now we have neglected it badly, sliding precariously toward the precipice of extinction. With the insight presented here we can carefully move back from the brink and set up a safe perimeter, well away. This requires that we start talking with each other, person to person and nation to nation, on many levels of intensive, conciliatory communication. How long? Until we become good friends. If progress is slow then we must increase the bandwidth. The ties can only be strong enough to support global friendship if there are enough of them.
‘But mere conciliation is still not enough. The survival of mankind is at stake, which requires us to pre-emptively diffuse all areas of potential conflict and set up supportive structures instead. We can do this.

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 6204-6217).



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