Quote from FutureQuest: ‘In observing w

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Quote from FutureQuest:

‘In observing world events we clearly see that whatever effort mankind has put toward future planning up to now has not worked. Nobody is really in charge. While there is currently a precarious lull after the collapse of one of the cold-war superpowers, new superpowers are emerging and mankind is still engaged in exploitation, antagonism and conflicts, preparing for new wars. The arms races are set to continue with merely the batons changing hands. Many hot-spots are simmering, ready to break out into wars, and we are incapable of resolving them. Conventional peace ideas and ideologies have proven ineffective. Our arrogance and selfishness have locked us into a tragedy-of-the-commons script, condemning mankind to wars, civilisation collapse and an end-game of self-extinction.

‘But we can change the script.

‘Apart from our spectacular faults, man also has innate noble characteristics. The most precious of these are our ability to love, dream, discover and create, and our willingness to share our love, insights, discoveries and creations with others for the benefit of all mankind. With enough inspiration and a clear plan, we have the power to switch from our selfishly destructive path to a benevolently constructive one.’

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 150-159).



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