Quote from FutureQuest: ‘Faith is the u

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Quote from FutureQuest:
‘Faith is the unacknowledged foundation supporting cultural and social qualities including legal, ethical and moral concepts. These lie well outside the realm of science and are largely derived from sacred values laid down millennia ago and tested and proven thoroughly through the centuries. Without these sacred values among a large section of the human population, there would be little hope of a peaceful existence. Humanity would be in a constant state of war – a level-one existence – a perpetual fight for survival and dominance. We would never reach level two, let alone level-three existence without the bedrock of shared, altruistic values (54 p. 231).
‘These values are intimately intertwined with our concepts of individual equality, dignity, sanctity of life, freedom, fairness, unconditional love and mercy. Without these we would live in a vicious, brutal world in which everyone would be both predator and prey (54).
Our value systems especially need to encompass a love for all people – even for those of all other faiths and cultures than our own, whether or not we accept the things they do. This is a ‘Philadelphia’ brotherly kind of love, which is a decision and not a feeling. Without this vital aspect, the faith we hold would be too weak to support any worthwhile future for mankind.
‘To build a great future we must have a clear, strong value system.’

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 1463-1474).

Hood, Bruce. SUPERSENSE. London: Constable & Robinson Ltd, 2009. 978-1-84901-030-6.



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