Quote from ‘FutureQuest’: ‘Demographi

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Quote from ‘FutureQuest’:
‘Demographics tell us that developed nations have small families (low fertility) and undeveloped nations, large families (high fertility). This can be expressed in the human capital investment terms of Fernández-Villaverde’s working paper, ‘Was Malthus Right? Economic Growth and Population Dynamics’ (339): Fernández-Villaverde states that families in developed nations invest in fewer, higher-quality children (higher education, lower mortality), whereas in undeveloped nations they invest in more children of lower quality (lower education, higher mortality). Mason and Lee (340) state that low fertility precipitates nation development. In any case the correlation exists, regardless of which comes first. It is clear from this correlation that we can slow and even stop and reduce world population growth by helping poor nations develop. We must be careful to let such nations develop according to their own particular cultural and national identity parameters, and not just impose our own development templates. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) explores such avenues in great detail (341).

‘This is another case where solving one problem (poverty) has the serendipity of contributing to the solution of another (overpopulation), while facilitating yet a further outcome (a sustainable, peaceful future). Our individual, corporate and national self-centredness currently stops this from happening. We can remove this blockage by becoming world-focused, and taking the necessary steps to solve our overpopulation problem by becoming less selfish and helping poor nations develop.’

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 6128-6141).

Bibliography excerpt:
339. Fernández-Villaverde, Jesús. Was Malthus Right? Economic Growth and Population Dynamics. PIER Working Paper No. 01-046. Social Science Research Network (SSRN). [Online] Nov 2001. [Cited: 24 Apr 2010.] http:// papers.ssrn.com/ sol3/ papers.cfm? abstract_id = 293800

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341. United Nations Development Programme. Human Development Reports. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). [Online] 2012. [Cited: 22 Aug 2012.] http:// hdr.undp.org/ en/

Albert Sedlmayer. FutureQuest (Kindle Locations 7369-7376).


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