Quote from FutureQuest: ‘9. Coexistence

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Quote from FutureQuest:

‘9. Coexistence

‘As top predator on Earth, mankind has no higher-order predator to keep population and resources in balance. This is entirely up to us. We decide whether to regulate humanity’s global dominance either by survival of the fittest, which is the catastrophically unsustainable default condition, or by mutually benevolent co-habitation – a sustainable closed cycle. We easily identify the default option as existence-levels one and two; immediate and ongoing survival. The benevolent co-habitation option is existence-level three; wellbeing. A better future can only be built under the latter condition.

‘Before we can ever live in peace we have to learn to co-exist. In 2012 there were still nations that would, if they could, annihilate certain other nations in an instant. Reasons are diverse, some stemming from millennia-old hatred.

‘Some national and group leaders incite their people to violence against other people groups and individuals for a variety of reasons. In all such instances resulting in violence, perpetrators and those inciting them must be arrested and brought to justice with the view of constraining them, to prevent further violence. These are crimes against humanity. If arrests aren’t possible because of international boundaries, they must be indicted in absentia and arrested as soon as they attempt to travel.

‘These vengeful, destructive attitudes have no place in today’s civilised world if we want to build and enjoy an awesome future. They must disappear just as cannibalism has had to disappear. Sure, there are always contentions wherever two or more people are gathered, but we desperately need to learn to negotiate mutually acceptable compromises.



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