Quote from FutureQuest: Law

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized


Law has become so morbid and convoluted that justice is now too expensive to administer fairly. The law profession has petrified the language semantics of law over the centuries, so that now only lawyers can wield it. Further complexity is added when different nations, states, and even municipalities have their own specific law structures and semantics. They are specialised still further into international, business, family, personal injury, criminal, and countless other law flavours.

Since lawyers make up a large contingent of government representatives, there is little incentive to change anything from the top down, except for some token law reform when people-pressure gets uncomfortable (224).

Even pro-bono representation is often so limited that it only helps those who really have nothing. Those who have something are often still expected to give up all they have to pay for their justice. So next time around they may be poor enough to genuinely qualify for pro-bono representation.

It is too easy for law practice to exploit people or parties seeking justice, and law has thereby become one of the most lucrative and ruthless cash businesses of developed nations. Western Law as it stands today is a hindrance to building a better future because it is morbidly obese. Predatory law is rife (225; 226; 227).


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