Quote from FUTUREQUEST, Intolerance:

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Quote from FUTUREQUEST, Intolerance:

Prejudice, Racism and Bigotry are all forms of intolerance and are mortal threats to civilisation and ultimately mankind. Some people have a fear of unfamiliar people or cultures and persecute them out of ignorance. Others have irrational hatred or abhorrence of other races or assume superiority over them. Our world comprises many different people-groups, cultures and races and we must learn to co-exist amicably if we don’t want die in a nuclear holocaust, let alone live together in peace.

Some intolerant people and groups try to force their own ideology on others while arrogantly rejecting everyone else’s. People must retain the freedom to make their own (legal) choices – even to make their own mistakes, without coercion or force. Religious outreach is perfectly acceptable as long as it not coercive or manipulative and allows people freedom to choose. Anything beyond this is bigotry.

The remedy: in this book we learn how to bring and spread awareness of the many different people groups in our world today, and the spice they add to humanity. We break down barriers of intolerance, using all our information-age tools.


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