Excerpt from Chapter 6: Designing the Structure, and the Steps to attain it

Posted: November 19, 2011 in FutureQuest
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Subchapter: Don’t Take It to the Grave

Before we get too far down the path on this world-changing venture we must be clear about one important aspect of our humanity: we must tell our children! We must pass all our insights and experiences on to the next generation, especially to our own children. Your children are able to absorb some of your essence by watching and copying you, but they will miss the most important aspect: your reasons why. The onus for this transfer of knowledge and reasoning is on you.

This reproductive part is here at the beginning of the book so that you can engage your young people with the subject matter right from the start, so they can watch it unfold in you. That way you can ignite their interest much more easily, and keep it lit.

The great future we are building will have to be perpetual, so it will be necessary for the flame of enthusiasm to pass down through generations. This is especially important in the early stages because depending on your current age, your part of the process may not be finished in your lifetime and will have to be passed on to the next generation to finish. It is far easier to pass on the idea once it has been completed and the finished outcome is evident. It is far more difficult trying to pass on an idea that is unfolding and at a stage that appears to have no visible evidence of succeeding.

This is a momentous project and everyone has a part to play. When you include the young people around you early in the process, they can understand more easily what you are doing and how it will positively affect their own future. That way they will more readily carry on your role or step into their own when the time comes. You will find that as you share your aspirations with them, you will build a rapport that actually bridges the ubiquitous generation gap, so that communication becomes easier. You may even motivate them to join you and start their own journey early so they can become significant builders of our great world future at quite a young age.

Our FutureQuest must be more than just a one-generation wonder, so it is necessary to get a little deeper into this important reproductive aspect – the sex. To propagate the motivation indefinitely we need some insight on mentorship because that is the essence of the reproductive process. Mentorship is not just person-to-person. It also works nation-to-nation, which we discuss and expand out later in that particular context. For this purpose I have included an essay on person-to-person mentorship in Appendix I.


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