Government-led Peace … Hardly

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

 Excerpt from Chapter 6.

It is unrealistic to assume that governments – whose long-term commitments rarely go past winning their next election – would take the responsibility of embarking on a world peace initiative. After all, they are elected to represent the interests of their own country and people, and world peace stretches significantly beyond that mandate.

Here the concept of world peace hits an administrative ceiling. World peace requires the co-operation of our world’s nations. But who has sufficient influence or authority above national governments to do this? National governments won’t organise themselves into the configurations required for peace because they have no mandate there, so the motivation must come from elsewhere.

It is easy to overlook the United Nations Organisation, because their current mandate isn’t strong enough to achieve this either (we cover the UN in greater depth as we progress). That leaves world peace by government undone. Then we, the people of the world are left to do it.


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