Excerpt from chapter 4. Why I Think This Can Be Done

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

Looking at what the world needs for peace, and comparing that with the world today, we can see that there are many areas that need small adjustments, as well as other parts with glaring holes needing immense problems solved. We start with the easier steps first, to get some momentum and confidence going. Then with subsequent increasing momentum we tackle progressively harder problems. That way we will accumulate high confidence coupled with irresistible momentum by the time we reach the really hard problems – the worst show-stoppers. Fortunately even the hardest problems are solvable if they are dissembled into small enough components and hit with strong enough resolve.

Much of this book is about exploring ways to fix broken civilisation structures – those that cannot support world peace. We naturally don’t fix any structures that are already sound. But within some sound structures there can be faulty components that need fixing, so where we address such faulty components, the sound parts of those can remain intact.

What I propose here is a working prototype of world peace. As we build these prototype components we can see how they mesh with human civilisation, refine the rough parts, work out the details and build them into a permanent, sustainable structure. We can do this.


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