Some Background

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

My school years were set in Adelaide during the cold war, framed by Eisenhower, Kennedy, Adenauer, Khrushchev, Churchill and Menzies. During that time the dull encumbrance of man’s looming mutually assured destruction settled into the back of my consciousness. My German parents were world-war II survivors, daily enduring defeated-foe taunts as new immigrants in Australia. That was a brutal era as a kid and I sincerely hoped somebody would fix it someday.

World issues always held a place within my expanding perspective, amongst growing up, marriage and business. My awareness of unfolding conflicts developed into a life-long interest in how they could be resolved. My Naval Architect vocation then endowed me with the thought processes and tools to solve complex problems. My counselling training and experience have instilled in me a deep insight and affinity for humanity, and a passion to see mankind at peace.

Now fifty years later many of those old world troubles have expired, only to be replaced by new issues similarly distressing. Billions are still despondent about their future – only their reasons have changed. Nobody has stepped up to fix the brutality.

I guess it’s my turn.


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